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James Milligan, Global Head of Technology

James Milligan

Global Head of Technology Solutions
 The pace of growth in the tech world will not slow down. Technological transformation has accelerated, new technologies are continuously being created and the world of work is rapidly changing. The requirement for new skills is ever evolving and new jobs are being created all the time to keep pace with new technology, each needing a set of new skills – skills that aren’t readily available now. We want to make sure that we are doing our part in finding the skills for the workforce of the future and supporting our customers to realise their ambitions.
James Hallahan, Director of Hays Technology UK & Ireland

James Hallahan

Director, Hays Technology UK & Ireland
 Across the UK and Ireland, technology has continued to be resilient throughout the pandemic and rapid digital transformation has resulted in high demand for tech experts. The pandemic has led to greater reliance on technology and this continues to fuel a sharp increase in demand for several roles across the sector including cyber security, cloud solutions, data science, DevOps, software development and change management. The contractor market has accelerated beyond pre-Covid and demand will carry on increasing as organisations progress transformation programmes in a hybrid world.

As such, hiring managers across all sectors face stiff competition for skilled tech talent. Hybrid and remote working is a permanent change and organisations that don’t implement policies or allow for flexibility in the future will find their access to talent restricted.
Jane Bamford, EMEA Technology Director

Jane Bamford

EMEA Technology Director
 These are exciting times for the Tech market in Europe. The quality and level of expertise in the Tech community in Europe makes it an attractive option for companies outside of Europe, looking to set up development/tech hubs in the region. Despite the many cultures and languages across Europe, innovation and excellent English-speaking skills means that the candidate talent-pool is rich in most technologies, including some of the more leading-edge technologies. In terms of innovation, Europe is rich with many Tech incubator & start-up hubs which drive new ideas and initiatives.

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David Brown, Regional Lead US

David Brown

Regional Lead, US
 The United States has the largest technology market in the world, presenting the opportunity for those in this space to thrive. As organizations start to accelerate, they are focusing on some key areas. COVID-19 has made talent shortages more acute, causing organizations to re-examine their attraction and retention strategies. Organizations have also revaluated their business models, leading to many regulatory hurdles related to data security and privacy. This has put Cyber Security strongly at the forefront with teams growing, as our 2021 Cyber Talent Report states, 46% of organizations with an existing cyber security team employ 1-10 people.
Alexander Heise, Managing Director, Hays Germany

Alexander Heise

Managing Director, Hays Germany 
 Since the rise of e-commerce, the requirements of customers and candidates have changed The shortcomings in technology and digital services were clearly demonstrated during lockdown and as result the economy is now investing massively in the digitalisation of products and services. With the accelerating pace of digitalisation and the emergence of new digital possibilities, more and more companies are opting for automated end-to-end processes that are faster, safer and scalable. One-stop-shop solutions that combine different products into an end-to-end solution, as well as technologies that allow processes to be automated quickly and easily, are changing the market.

This means that the skills of tomorrow are changing as well because manual, repetitive tasks are increasingly taken over by software or RPA bots. Innovation and the development of digital products are the key to the strategic development of companies. Thus, there is a heavy demand for tech skills and consulting. The skill shortage, especially in the STEM fields, has been further exacerbated by the pandemic. Hence, there is a need for upskilling and reskilling programmes. Since this development covers all lines of business from HR to production, this brings massive opportunities for talents to thrive.
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Rob Beckley

Regional Director of Hays Technology in Australia & New Zealand
 Australia & New Zealand’s technology recruitment market has never been more active. In both countries, employers are investing in technology headcount growth and are optimistic about future economic and jobs growth. With impressive headcount gains planned, the supply and demand imbalance has now tipped firmly in favour of skilled professionals. Demand is particularly high for cloud, cyber security, software development and data professionals. To attract top talent, employers need to offer career progression and an opportunity to work on innovative projects from conception to completion.