Screen your candidates with technical testing 

Our technical testing platform allows us to test candidates across a range of different tech stacks and frameworks, meaning we'll find the right people for your business needs as they evolve.

What are the benefits of Hays’ technical testing?  

We can tailor our testing to the requirements of your roles and prove a candidate’s technical ability up front. Using the platform also allows us to reach candidates from diverse backgrounds, which itself can bring benefits to your business. 

Following the test, we’ll have a full breakdown of which questions each applicant passed and failed. We’ll also know how long it took them to answer a question, and whether they spent time on another tab - so we’ll know who was researching the answers! All of this means that we have a true understanding of who’s right for you.  

Sound like the best approach for you? If you want the right people for your organisation, get in touch with a Hays consultant today.