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As your lifelong career partner, we provide deep expertise of technologies. Whether that’s in cyber, cloud, or Salesforce, we keep up-to-date with the technologies so we are best placed to help you take your career to new heights. 

Change Management

 Whatever industry, sector or organisation size you want to work in, we’ll connect you with exceptional opportunities. If you’re an experienced change manager, trained in agile methodologies and skilled in securing stakeholder buy-in and user adoption of new initiatives, employers want you.
Mike Wilson, Manager, Hays UK & Ireland


Cloud Computing

 Organisations want to unlock all the benefits of cloud computing – greater accessibility, flexibility and scalability, so if you’re an expert in cloud infrastructure, DevOps engineering or similar, you’re in luck.
Sabrina Muller, Senior Manager, Hays UK
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Cyber Security

 Cyber security has never been needed more. Data security and impenetrable protection for operating models in the cloud are a top priority. We’re here to help you make the most of this opportunity and take your career to new heights.
Miguel Duran, Manager, Cyber Security, Hays US


 Employers worldwide need people with your skills to realise the benefits of agile and cutting-edge ERP and CRM systems. Your input can help organisations evolve quicker, implement faster and execute at scale.
Colin Morley, Director, National Enterprise Technology, Hays UK & Ireland


Data Analytics

  The rise of AI and machine learning and the need to drive data integrity, compliance and digital transformation make data analysts some of the most valuable members of an organisation. Demand is high, professionals with the right skills are limited, we can connect you with the best jobs, first.
Martin Pardey, Senior Business Director, Data & Analytics,
Hays UK & Ireland

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Data Science

 Data scientists give leaders the foresight they need to create winning strategies, if you’ve got the skills to create predictive models and thrive as a data scientist, we want to hear from you.
Martin Pardey, Senior Business Director, Data & Analytics,
Hays UK & Ireland



 If you’re looking to land your first leadership role or are already an established CTO or CIO, your expertise, abilities and ambition are invaluable to organisations. With our in-depth knowledge of the global tech industry, decades of experience, unrivalled networks and exclusive access to the top jobs, we can secure your next career move.
Rob Fain, Business Director, Hays UK & Ireland

Project Management

 If you’ve got a track record of successfully delivering projects and new products from inception to launch in an agile, flexible way, we’ve got the right connections to find your next job.
Mike Wilson, Manager, Hays UK & Ireland

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Salesforce & SAP

 Are you a Salesforce or SAP expert? Organisations in our network are reaching out for talented professionals to help make their automation projects a success. We’ll help you find the best job for you.
Colin Morley, Director, National Enterprise Technology, Hays UK & Ireland


Software Development

 Whether you’re a front end, back end or full stack developer, whether you want to work at a disruptive, edgy new start-up or a multinational enterprise, we’re here to help you realise your potential.
Jason Barr, Director, Technology, Hays UK & Ireland