How did you get that job?

How did you get that job? is a brand-new podcast by Hays Technology which explores the secrets of career success through insightful conversations with tech leaders at the top of their game.

Join Shaun Cheatham, Chief Sales Officer at Hays Technology, as he speaks to those who have the coolest tech jobs making a difference to the way we live our lives.

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Episode 1: Shailvi Wakhlu, Senior Director of Data at Strava

In episode one, we spoke with Shailvi Wakhlu, Senior Director of Data at Strava on what it’s like to be a leader in her field and her vision on the future of technology and her role.


Episode 2: Adam Spearing, EMEA Field CTO at Salesforce

In episode two, we spoke with Adam Spearing, EMEA Field CTO at Salesforce on his thirty years in the technology industry, creating success for long term value and his predictions on the future of tech.

Episode 3: Jessica Nemmers, Chief Security Officer, Elevate 

In episode three, we spoke with Jessica Nemmers who leaped into technology from life as a professional ballerina. Jessica talks about her transferable skills which she was able to use upon the non-traditional career path and how she was told to shout about it to help inspire others. Right now she is breaking new boundaries in the FinTech space, dealing with the latest cyber threats and looking to educate others from all backgrounds to come into tech.

Episode 4: Charles Ewen, Director of Technology, Met Office

In this episode we meet Charles Ewen, the Director of Technology at The Met Office – the national meteorological service for the UK. Charles talks about how they use technology to support their work around STEM to predict future weather and climate science. He also shares insights into his career, principles around how to easily understand technology and what he thinks is next for the rapidly changing tech industry.


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