Why technical skills aren't always necessary for starting your career in cyber security

James Milligan, Global Head of Hays Technology

“Everyone should always hire an ex-ballet dancer… ballet dancers are very determined, disciplined, resilient and flexible. Having to learn entire ballets in a month gave me the basis to be a lifelong learner and pick up concepts quickly.”

In the latest of our series on Cyber Awareness Month this October, we look back at our interview with Jessica Nemmers, Chief Security Officer at Elevate.

As explained on our How Did You Get That Job? podcast, Jessica originally trained as a professional ballet dancer, before a brief role at Electronic Data Systems introduced her to the world of tech.

An advocate of diversity and transferable skills, Jessica’s experience of the stage means she is unfazed by public speaking, whether it be while training employees or when appearing at conferences and summits.

During her interview, Jessica offers advice on moving into tech and finding the right role to match your characteristics and skills. Listen below.

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James Milligan
Global Head of Hays Technology

James Milligan is the Global Head of Hays Technology, having joined in 2000. In his role, he is responsible for the strategic development of Hays' technology businesses globally.