What does a Cloud Engineer do and how do I become one?

Adam Russell, Senior Manager - Technology, Hays UK&I

The demand for Cloud Engineers in recent years has skyrocketed. More organisations are shifting towards cloud-based solutions. Therefore, people with exceptional programming and cloud networking skills are moving into this exciting field. 

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What is a Cloud Engineer? 

A Cloud Engineer builds, maintains and manages an organisation’s cloud-based infrastructure. The role is usually part of a wider design team. Within the design team, your job will be to create cloud solutions for organisations of all sizes. 

Many Cloud Engineers work in tech companies, but now many companies are hiring engineers in-house. Hiring in-house presents a number of benefits and businesses are beginning to take notice. 

What does a Cloud Engineer do? 

In this role your main responsibilities would be creating and maintaining vital cloud infrastructure and virtual networks. However, the title of Cloud Engineer is quite broad. Your responsibilities will usually be across categories such as cloud architecture, development and administration. 

To do this job well, you need to be confident working with expanding data sets and enabling digital transformation. You will also need these key skills: 

  • A learning mindset that can keep up with the evolving nature of cloud technologies and programming languages 
  • Excellent programming skills to automate tasks and manage cloud resources effectively 
  • A strong understanding of cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud is essential

How much do Cloud Engineer roles pay?

The average salary will vary from country to country. However, you can expect a decent salary for entry-level Cloud Engineer jobs.

To learn more about the average Cloud Engineer salary where you are, I recommend exploring Hays’ Salary Checkers. You can find versions for the UK, US, Germany and Japan here, but up-to-date copies will be available in other locations too.

Employers might also offer a generous benefits package in addition to your salary as part of your employment contract. Some of the most popular benefits across the tech industry include:

  • A professional development allowance 
  • Mental healthcare and wellbeing 
  • Flexible and remote working arrangements

All these benefits help employers to strengthen job offers and attract the very best tech talent to their business.

How to become a Cloud Engineer 

If you’re considering becoming a Cloud Engineer, there are a few steps to take that could help you get ahead: 

Choose a degree in a relevant field 

Employers prefer to hire Cloud Engineers with a degree in software engineering, computer science, or a related field. A degree course will teach you about programming and building cloud applications. This knowledge is vital for getting you ready for a job in Cloud Engineering.

You may also want to move on to a postgraduate degree. The additional experience will help to ensure your expertise stands out to potential employers.

Pursue a Cloud Engineering certification

To progress as a Cloud Engineer, you need extensive knowledge of cloud computing systems. Whether you have a related degree or not, pursuing a cloud-based certification will help you be ready for the role.

Apply for an internship

While you’re studying, applying for internships would be a good move towards establishing your professional network. An internship will typically involve assisting with the design, implementation, and support of cloud services. Plus, an internship with a large or influential organisation will always be a positive addition to your CV.

Kickstart your Cloud Engineering career with Hays

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Adam Russell
Senior Manager - Technology, Hays UK&I

Adam has worked in technology recruitment for over 10 years, during which time he’s specialised in helping organisations connect with niche technology professionals across the UK, Europe and the USA. At Hays, he’s primarily responsible driving our technology service offerings across our UK North West customer base.