Success stories behind tech’s top founders: FlyingBinary

David Burke, Director, Hays Technology Ireland


We recently launched a brand-new technology series, exploring the career stories behind some of the world’s most exciting tech founders. Each month, I will host a live event, speaking to different tech founders and disruptors to find out how they: got to where they are today, arrived at their business concept, and secured investment to build their business.

How the "Smart City Tsar" changed the way we view tech's purpose

In the latest event on Tuesday 28th September, I spoke to Dr Jacqui Taylor, CEO and Co-founder of FlyingBinary.
Jacqui spoke at length about her origins as an engineer and the importance of purpose and societal awareness in modern tech, as well as how she's already speaking with the entrepeneurs of tomorrow.
Or, if you’re interested in a particular element of the discussion, you can skip to find the answers to the following questions by using these timestamps:
  • How did your career start and what was the impetus for FlyingBinary? 06:32
  • Do you feel that the aerospace sector were early adopters of the convergence of technology and problem-solving in a meaningful way? 10:28
  • Do you think you were attracted to solving problems because the awareness that technology can have a positive impact was already there? Or was it formed and cultivated in that environment? 12:16
  • How did FlyingBinary come about and what is it exactly that you're trying to solve? 15:45
  • For many years the sharing economy was the default model. Can you tell us about why this is changing, what the empathy economy is and why it's important for how the world moves forward? 18:30
  • Can you share some insight into what the younger cohort want from the world of work? 24:42
  • You've put together a framework for the empathy economy with an online model that others can adopt. How did that come about? 29:52
  • You've talked about cyber attacks and very serious international work, and you are of the view that people are too focused on securing the perimeter when it's too late for that, and instead should adopt a risk-based approach. Can you tell us about that? 31:36
  • If businesses aren't coming out with a regtech approach from day one, is it an uphill battle for them to get where they want to be? 36:03
  • You've been dubbed the "Smart City Tsar". You've spoken about the misconceptions surrounding tech and smart cities - could you expand on that? 41:38
  • With Cyber Security Month around the corner, what do you hope the month achieves and what'd the biggest challenge facing the sector? 45:33
  • What are your thoughts on personal data being requested and openly shared due to the pandemic? 47:39
  • Do you see Web 3.0 applications aiding your work around security and privacy in the future or making the challenge much more difficult? 49:09
  • How is tech ready if the electrical grid is attacked? 50:32
  • What is the proudest moment your career? 53:26


David Burke
Director, Hays Technology Ireland

David Burke leads the Hays Technology & James Harvard businesses in Ireland. He has worked supporting start-ups, scale-up and enterprise organisations in the technology industry in Ireland for almost two decades. He is also a co-founder of Dublin Tech Talks, one of Irelands leading tech meet-up communities.