Hays Technology and Manchester City present Game Changers


Behind an organisation’s success is usually an influential team of Game Changers who work in technology roles to provide detailed insight and knowledge on operations which translates into overall company strategy and efficiency. In an increasingly interconnected world, these roles are becoming more important, with companies keen to recruit talent that has a direct impact on success. Manchester City, one of the world’s most successful and forward-thinking football clubs, has many Game Changers who use their technological expertise in various roles behind the scenes to contribute to the Club’s success both on and off the pitch. Hays Technology, the Official Recruitment Partner of Manchester City, helps the Club and thousands of other organisations to build and maintain their digital ecosystems and communities by recruiting Game Changers in technology roles. 


Hays Technology is an IT recruitment agency that helps candidates find their next job and helps businesses attract the best talent in the ever-growing technology industry. In a dynamic market, Hays Technology shapes the future of tech recruitment by matching tech talent with the right organisations.

Hays Technology is the best at finding skilled talent to power the world of technology, through insights powered by experience, intelligence and data - a result of the continued investment into new technologies and systems. Hays Technology harnesses data to predict what the skills of tomorrow may be in order to provide its clients with access to the top talent from the ecosystem Hays Technology has spent years nurturing. As a trusted partner, Hays Technology works together to grow or scale its clients’ businesses using its unique expertise aligned to sectors and technologies. Whether an organisation needs one professional or a whole new team, Hays Technology knows the best people who can make a positive difference.


Hays Technology is a lifelong career partner to thousands of tech professionals around the world, providing a range of exclusive jobs, expertise and a deep knowledge of sectors and roles, all brought together in a simple consultative process. Hays Technology presents its candidates with outstanding career choices by tailoring job opportunities taken from its best-in-class employer network, to the unique skills of professionals. As a trusted partner Hays Technology’s role is to shape the tech- enabled world by reducing skill gaps and supporting the evolution of new roles through deep rooted expertise and approach to innovation, providing candidates, clients and Hays employees with the platform to create a more progressive world of work.

In an ever progressing, technologically advanced world, thousands of companies are building communities by recruiting Game Changers in technology roles. Whether you are a jobseeker or employer, Hays Technology gives its customers the cutting edge over competitors, allowing for personal career development and organisation level success in the market.

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