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Are you looking to develop your programming skills and test them alongside other top coders around the world?

Hays has launched CodeCo, our hub for innovative programmers across the globe. This is a community that gives software developers in the early stage of their career the opportunity to showcase their skills. As part of our continued involvement in Tech for Good, we've formulated a series of hackathons that are designed to test your skills in making a positive difference in society.

Why join CodeCo?

  • ​​​​​Develop your coding skills and learn in an engaging global community
  • Compete for prizes
  • Put yourself in front of hiring companies
  • Gain market insight and receive current industry- leading analysis

​​​​​​And the most exciting part? We’re just getting started! Join us now and don’t miss out being part of a brand new community of talent from around the world.

Hays x Super Connect for Good Hackathon


Get ready to come up with a tech solution that can help boost & support people’s mental health! In association with Empact Ventures, our latest hackathon will focus on different aspects of mental health support, and give you the opportunity to build something that can help change people's lives.

Hackathon overview

  • Compete in teams of 2-5 people - if you don't have a team, join our Discord and we will help you find teammates

  • Join our live launch session on Monday 3 July to make sure you are ready to start hacking

  • Submit your project by Monday 7 August on the CodeCo platform

  • All further details will be available on the CodeCo platform on Monday 3 July once the hack is officially launched

What's in it for you?

  • Entry into the Super Connect for Good 2023 Competition

  • Access to training through the Hays Thrive platform

  • One month mentorship programme from the CEO of Empact Ventures

  • One 'Being a Rockstar Networker' training session

  • Networking with potential partners, clients or funders

  • Free publicity in GlobalGood

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