Tips for finding a job in tech

Travis O'Rourke, President, Hays Canada

Are you looking for the next step in your tech career? Or have you recently left a role and are now searching for a job in tech? Perhaps you want to know how to find your first tech job. 

In a live event on Hays’ LinkedIn page, I looked at the current tech trends in 2023, from emerging technologies to in-demand skills. By analysing where the skills gaps lie, as well as the demand that Hays are seeing from employers, we can identify where the opportunities for a career in tech are right now. 

Here are the key takeaway points. Search for available tech jobs here.


What’s trending in tech in 2023? 

The obvious place to start here is AI, and the development of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT. This has probably been the biggest talking point of 2023, not just in tech but arguably in the world of work and beyond, and I’ve already written about how you can use these models to help you in the workplace. Similarly, companies are continuing to leverage RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Intelligent Automation. 

Don’t forget about Augmented and Virtual Reality. It’s come on and off of the hotlist, both in tech and the mainstream. Last year, I looked at the opportunities for people to work on entertainment in this area, and it was probably high on most companies’ lists until generative AI exploded. However, Apple’s recent announcement of the Vision Pro has put it right back to the top of the news. 

What skills are employers seeking from tech workers? 

Technical skills

Let’s begin by looking at the technical skills that are in demand, as uncovered in a study by Gartner. Despite growing conversations around low-code and no-code solutions, companies still need software developers, so people who know programming languages are going to be popular. Onto databases, where people who are competent with SQL and MySQL will find opportunities. Then it’s about keeping that data secure, so it’s no surprise that Network Security and Disaster Recovery are high on the list. 

Where there aren’t many skilled workers, that typically means that it’s easier to get a job. Hays’ own global Cyber Security Report uncovered that Cloud Security is the number one area that would enhance security capability for employers, and Gartner have highlighted it as another area where the talent is hard to find. Also, we aren’t seeing as many people with Data Architecture skills who are capable of managing Unstructured Data. 

So, what about the skills that are in high demand, but are in short supply? Regarding Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Allied Market Research predicts the market to reach $481.8 Bn by 2030. Gartner expects spending to increase this in 2023 by 30.9%, while expenditure on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to increase by 24.1% in 2023. Finding work in this area could lead to a lot of lucrative opportunities.


Soft skills

Then there’s soft skills. The way you adjust your communication to your audience is going to be critical to your career success – don’t communicate with a CEO in the same way as you would with a customer. 

Are you a promoter or a blocker of change? Employers want change agents who can help an organisation thrive. Adaptability and the ability to adopt change are hugely useful in a world of work that is fast evolving. 

The world has changed, and you need to have a learning mindset. By keeping your ear to the ground, you’ll not only know how to prepare for your current role, but your next one too. 

To find out more about which soft skills you’ll need for tech career success, I suggest you check out this blog from my colleague, Jane Bamford. 

How do I find my next job in tech? 

Want to know what you can do to give yourself a better chance of getting a tech job? Or how to move into another specialism and keep your skills up to date? Watch the video above back in full to see me answer these questions and more. 

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Travis O'Rourke
President, Hays Canada

A Father first, Husband second, and Employee third, Travis O'Rourke has 17 years of Technology recruitment experience and is the President of Hays Canada.