The top 10 in-demand tech jobs in 2024 - updated

James Milligan, Global Head of Technology Solutions - Hays

We start each year by scanning our data to see which tech jobs there’s highest demand for globally. It offers interesting insights into where you’ll find your next career opportunities, alongside shifting business needs that could shape your plans. 

As we’re halfway through 2024, I thought I’d provide an update on the tech landscape. Many of the roles in the top 10 list remain the same but there are a few newcomers, as well as a new role in the number one spot. 

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The latest top 10 tech jobs for 2024 

10. Solution Architect 

What is a Solution Architect? Demand continues for people who can pinpoint business needs before designing and implementing the right solutions. 

How to become a Solution Architect. Regarding soft skills, Solution Architects greatly benefit from strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They also rely heavily on business input, so collaboration with stakeholders is important. 

9. Software Developer 

What does a Software Developer do? Code, code, code. Software Developers bring websites, apps and platforms to life and test them for bugs. Later on in this list, we’ll look at some more specific Software Developer roles and explore what they do. 

How to become a software developer. The most obvious place to start is by learning various coding languages. After this, I’d recommend building a portfolio on a platform such as GitHub, which you can direct hiring managers to during the job application process. If you can develop any experience in your current role, even at a basic level, that’ll be hugely helpful too. 

8. Network Engineer 

What is a Network Engineer? This role wasn’t in our top 10 tech jobs at the start of the year, but demand has grown over 2024. It’s no surprise to see organisations of all sizes looking for people to install and maintain IT systems. As a Network Engineer, you’ll be responsible for all kinds of network infrastructure, including LAN, mobile and cloud. 

What skills does a Network Engineer need? A knowledge of computer systems is essential, preferably with a related qualification. Many roles also cover aspects of security, so it’s helpful to have an understanding of access control, firewalls, types of network-related security (endpoint, web, wireless), VPN encryption and more. However, a large part of this role will be problem solving, for which you’ll need to be adaptable. You’ll also have to communicate with people who aren’t tech-savvy. 


7. Change Manager 

What does a Change Manager do? Another new role that’s entered the top 10. To achieve effective and comprehensive transformation, businesses require somebody to oversee the process from start to finish. 

What are the key skills required to be a Change Manager? This is one of the few roles on this list that is less dependent on solid technical skills. Instead, a good candidate will have a background in managing projects. They’ll be a strong communicator whose organisation skills are second to none, and that can influence stakeholders at all levels to adopt and champion change. 

6. .NET Developer 

What is a .NET Developer? This was at number nine on our list at the start of 2024, but we’re seeing more .NET Developer jobs as demand has grown during the year.  A .NET Developer primarily works on programming within Windows applications. 

What skills does a .NET Developer need? Coding languages, most notably .NET itself, are a must for anyone looking to get started in this role. 

5. Java Developer 

Why are Java Developers in demand? Despite generative AI’s rapid improvement in writing code and spotting bugs, employers still need programmers who are skilled in this space. 

How do I become a Java Developer? My colleague Jason Barr, who specialises in Java Developer roles, offers the following: 

“The best advice I'd give would be to look at the latest version of Java (22 at time of writing, but anything from 1.6 on is a really good starting point). Then, develop your cloud skills. If you're still working on core Eclipse and core Java, you need to be moving towards that cloud space or your skills may potentially become obsolete.” 


4. Data Engineer 

What do Data Engineer jobs entail? In short, Data Engineers create the infrastructure for collecting and storing data. Within an organisation, they can expect to collaborate with people in other data roles (more on that later). 

What does a Data Engineer need to know? You’ll be processing large quantities of information to get the insights your business needs, so being comfortable working with databases, SQL and NoSQL is vital. 

3. Data Analyst 

What’s the difference between a Data Engineer and a Data Analyst? There’s an important distinction to be made here. A Data Engineer’s role is more back-end, with the focus on handling the data. Meanwhile, an Analyst will actually derive the insights that inform the wider business. 

What skills does a Data Analyst need? From a technical perspective, it’s good to have experience of using data visualisation software such as Power BI. Then it’s about relaying what you’ve found to stakeholders who don’t have that technical knowledge, so you’ll need strong communication skills. 

2. Business Analyst 

Why are there so many Business Analyst jobs? It makes sense that there’s another analyst role in our top three. Organisations now have access to a wider range of information than ever before, so they need people to study this, spot the trends and deliver insights. 

What are the most important Business Analyst skills? Breanna Mahan, who recruits in this space for Hays in the UK, comments: 

“Above all, you need to adapt and tailor your communication style to fit the wide range of stakeholders and teams that you work with. Stakeholder management is a large part of the role, building relationships to make sure you can fully understand their needs and wants. Another one would be problem solving and critical thinking, because you have to be able to get to the root of the problem and then use data to make decisions and work towards that solution.” 

1. Project Manager 

What does the Project Manager job look like? It was in the number two spot at the start of the year, but Project Manager is currently the hottest tech role of 2024. If you have experience of looking after projects or processes, it makes it easier to transition to such a role. You won’t be as reliant on technical skills here, either, which is why it appeals to people without a background in tech. 

What are the top Project Manager skills? The role entails working with people at different levels and usually in different areas so, as with the Business Analyst role, stakeholder management is key. As I’ve mentioned, success in this role is more dependent on soft skills, such as good organisation, communication and time management. 



James Milligan
Global Head of Hays Technology

James Milligan is the Global Head of Hays Technology, having joined in 2000. In his role, he is responsible for the strategic development of Hays' technology businesses globally.