Success stories behind tech's top founders: International Cyber Threat Task Force

Harry Gooding, Director, Hays Enterprise Technology Practice - UK and Ireland


We recently launched a brand-new technology series, exploring the career stories behind some of the world’s most exciting tech founders. Each month, I will host a live event, speaking to different tech founders and disruptors to find out how they: got to where they are today, arrived at their business concept, and secured investment to build their business.

Creating an independent community to tackle cyber security threats

In the latest event on Tuesday 26th October, I spoke to Paul C Dwyer, President and Founder of the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF).
In a fascinating conversation, Paul discussed his wealth of experience in challenging and catching cyber criminals, and revealed his thoughts on where the sector needs to be looking.
Or, if you’re interested in a particular element of the discussion, you can skip to find the answers to the following questions by using these timestamps:
  • Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what brought you to where you are today? 03:33
  • Was there a specific moment where the idea for the ICTTF came to you? 05:29
  • I'm mindful of what brand cyber has in people's minds. Over the 30 years, has that changed? What's the perception? 10:15
  • To what extent is your role focus on people and behavioural change versus the technical side of things? 13:25
  • Over the last two years, how has COVID and the pandemic changed cyber crime? 17:07
  • You've mentioned organised criminal groups. Who are these people? 21:20
  • Is it easy to know who's doing good and who's doing wrong? Who's a hacker for good? 27:15
  • What's been the toughest challenge you've faced and what would your advice be based on that? 41:40
  • What can companies do to support their employees in terms of security and awareness? Especially those working from home. 44:43
  • Are you seeing any changes in a requirement for anyone on organisations boards to have Information Security and Risk Management expertise? Are there more now than in the past? 47:12
  • IAM solutions increasingly eliminate the human element in User Authentication and increasingly rely upon tokens as a proxy for the Human User. But with Identity Assurance arguably being the root cause for most cybercrime, this seems antithetical to a true IAM solution. So, how would a founder with a disruptive solution to this effectively introduce their technology to the cybersecurity industry? 51:02
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Harry Gooding
Director, Hays National Technology - UK&I

Harry Gooding is part of Hays Technology, working across our Enterprise Technology Practice and supporting new initiatives around skills development. After beginning his career in recruitment, he then worked in VC backed start-ups and scale-ups for six years across two different portfolios before joining Hays.