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How Did You Get That Job? is the technology careers podcast from Hays which explores the secrets of success through insightful conversations with tech leaders at the top of their game.

Join Shaun Cheatham, Chief Sales Officer at Hays, as he speaks to those who have the coolest tech jobs making a difference to the way we live our lives.

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Latest episode: Revealed: the top 5 in-demand tech roles for 2024

In this special episode of 'How Did You Get That Job?', host Shaun Cheatham looks at data from recruitment specialists Hays that reveals which tech roles are most in demand among employers in 2024.

During the show, he talks to Hays experts to uncover why these organisations need people in these roles, and which skills you need to get the job and succeed. Guests include Joshua Tang, Jason Barr, Giulia Bonvissuto and Breanna Mahan.

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