How did you get that job?

How did you get that job? is a brand-new podcast by Hays Technology which explores the secrets of career success through insightful conversations with tech leaders at the top of their game.

Join Shaun Cheatham, Chief Sales Officer at Hays Technology, as he speaks to those who have the coolest tech jobs making a difference to the way we live our lives.

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Latest Episode

Episode 12: Daniel Shapero, Chief Operating Officer at LinkedIn

In this season finale episode we meet Daniel Shapero. He is the Chief Operating Officer at LinkedIn but after an entrepreneurial childhood selling his drawings and then getting a loan from his father to start a venture, his step into the tech industry was a non-traditional path. He talks in depth about his motivations and how this role at LinkedIn is his calling in life, plus he tells us how he believes in the LeBron James theory, in how it’s not only you being great at your job but helping others around you succeed too. 

Past Episodes

Episode 1: Shailvi Wakhlu, Senior Director of Data at Strava

In episode one, we spoke with Shailvi Wakhlu, Senior Director of Data at Strava on what it’s like to be a leader in her field and her vision on the future of technology and her role.


Episode 2: Adam Spearing, EMEA Field CTO at Salesforce

In episode two, we spoke with Adam Spearing, EMEA Field CTO at Salesforce on his thirty years in the technology industry, creating success for long term value and his predictions on the future of tech.

Episode 3: Jessica Nemmers, Chief Security Officer, Elevate 

In episode three, we spoke with Jessica Nemmers who leaped into technology from life as a professional ballerina. Jessica talks about her transferable skills which she was able to use upon the non-traditional career path and how she was told to shout about it to help inspire others. Right now she is breaking new boundaries in the FinTech space, dealing with the latest cyber threats and looking to educate others from all backgrounds to come into tech.

Episode 4: Charles Ewen, Director of Technology, Met Office

In this episode we meet Charles Ewen, the Director of Technology at The Met Office – the national meteorological service for the UK. Charles talks about how they use technology to support their work around STEM to predict future weather and climate science. He also shares insights into his career, principles around how to easily understand technology and what he thinks is next for the rapidly changing tech industry.

Episode 5: Andrew Gould, Cyber Crime Programme Lead, National Police Chiefs Council 
In this episode we meet Andrew Gould, Cyber Crime Programme Lead at the National Police Chiefs’ Council. Andrew has helped set the agenda for how the UK police respond to cyber crime activity and he talks in depth about how he uses technology to catch criminals and malicious activities in their wake. He shares his story about his non-traditional path to technology, his proudest moments and thoughts on how diversity can shape the future of the industry. 
Episode 6: Alejandra D’Ippolito, Customer Engineer

In this episode we meet Alejandra D’Ippolito, Head of Customer Engineering, Manufacturing and Industry. Ale, as she likes to be known, talks about what life is like to work in big tech and shares her thoughts on the culture and opportunities it creates. Throughout the episode she also shares her thoughts on what’s it like to be a working mum at the top of technology, the training programme she helped devise for the next generation and the studies she undertakes to keep herself on top of the latest innovations. 

Episode 7: Thomas Wythe, SVP Solutions at Go1

In this episode we meet Thomas Wythe, SVP Solutions at Go1. Based in Australia, Thomas takes the series in a different direction in looking at life in start-up’s. We talk about the challenges which are faced in growth, the need for you to adapt your skills and mindset to succeed and what he currently is doing in helping to disrupt education at Go1. It’s a fascinating journey which Thomas has been on which started making parts for helicopters before propelling himself to the top of the world of technology.

Episode 8: Kathy Chen, Vice President, Partner Sales of Asia Pacific and Japan for Citrix

In this episode we meet Kathy Chen, once MD of Twitter and now Vice President, Partner Sales of Asia Pacific and Japan, for tech leaders Citrix. We chat openly and honestly about her career, the challenges of being a woman leader and talk about how she, in her words, failed after taking a role with a movie company. Kathy gives us in-sight into her thoughts on the future of tech and AI which has all been influenced by her pet robot dogs.

Episode 9: Jessica Chapplow, Head of Ecommerce, Havas Media

Jessica Chapplow sits down with our presenter, Shaun Cheatham, to discuss life as Head of Ecommerce. Jessica in 2018 was part of Media Week’s 30 under 30 and in 2019 was nominated by Women in IT for the ‘Young Leader of the Year’ award. We discuss her feelings towards award nominations alongside how she found a love for technology through gaming and how her observation of Engineer Vs Marketeer shaped her job purpose. We also delve deeply into how when only 18 months into her career she rewrote her job description and sold it to senior management. 

Episode 10: Rod Boothby, Global Head of Identity, Santander

We meet Rod Boothby to discuss life as the Global Head of Identity at the bank Santander. Over the episode you will hear his enthusiasm to be an entrepreneur starting at university with making baseball hats and selling one to a young Elon Musk. We discuss how an accident changed his career and also his outlook on life, which still is with him today. Rod though is a born innovator and he talks about being part creator of a tool being used by 20 million people today and his vision for the identity in tech in the years to come. 

Episode 11: Arron Goolsbey, Global Head of Play Partnerships - Game Partnerships and Operations, Meta

Arron Goolsbey joins us to talk about his two decades in the gaming industry. He tells us that a good game is a reflection on the team who put it together and how they’re a great way to bring people together. We question Arron on what the wider tech industry can learn from gaming and how he stays up to date on the latest innovations - not the answer we expected! 


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