17 Questions on Salesforce - Jennie Brockbank

Jennie Brockbank, Head of Salesforce Centre of Excellence at Student Loans Company

In our new series, we ask those working in the Salesforce ecosystem for their stories and advice - both about the platform and anything else!

1) What was your first job? McDonalds!

2) What positives do you see that have come out of the COVID pandemic? Better work/life balance options.

3) What is the best tech innovation you have come across in the last 5 years? Robot Vacuum

4) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given or got? Never be afraid to ask questions.

5) How did you end up working in/with Salesforce? I worked for a recruiter developing and maintaining their front end systems. They procured Salesforce to replace this, and I was given the opportunity to hold the role of Tech Lead in the implementation.

6) How do you use Salesforce in your job today? Personally, I don’t log onto it very often – but my team are responsible for everything to do with Salesforce in the organisation – from wrapping around governance and best practice, to providing 3rd line support, to delivering projects.

7) Any advice you can give for people starting out in Salesforce? Try and get visibility to as much of the ecosystem as possible.

8) Are there any good Salesforce resources (websites, groups, meetups etc) that you would recommend? SalesforceBen, Trailhead (goes without saying), any local dev meetups.

9) What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen Salesforce used for? The implantation of LWC was a game changer – allowing the flexibility to design the system in a much more personalised way is a huge improvement from early life SF.

10) What do you wish was better about Salesforce? I appreciate it’s not really an option with SAAS, but the ability to run without API limits (like the good old days of hosted software) would be a dream!

11) What do most companies get wrong when it comes to Salesforce? They don’t utilise it to its full capacity – it’s easy to implement it and then just tick over, but I’ve seen many organisations just settle for it in that state without pushing the limits of the tools at hand.

12) What’s hot in Salesforce right now? Lightning and the many available integration options.


13) What could Salesforce recruiters do better? Keep abreast of the technological progressions within Salesforce – it’s a fast-changing product!

14) What tasks drive you mad? Timesheet management!!

15) Netflix or Prime or other (please specify) Netflix.

16) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Bosnia and Herzegovina.

17) What tech content do you consume/follow/listen to? I don’t really.

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