Recognising and rewarding tech for good - how Super Connect for Good empowers innovation 

Robin Beattie, Director, Hays

A lot of conversations in tech right now revolve around the impact of AI, threats to cyber security and issues around data collection. Given the concerns or dilemmas over these, it can be easy to miss the exciting movement in tech for good that’s happening at the same time. 

What is tech for good? 

Due to its broad scope, there are often questions around what tech for good is. Ultimately, we’re talking about when technology is used to offer solutions to issues in society. This could mean innovations in combatting climate change, or software to close the gap in education inequality. 

What is Super Connect for Good and how does it promote tech for good? 

Powered by Hays and Empact Ventures, the annual Super Connect for Good competition is open to tech-for-good start-ups and scale-ups worldwide. The most impressive and innovative applicants are recognised with prestigious tech-for-good awards, before an overall winner is crowned. 

The aim of the competition is to bring together smaller companies that were founded to tackle societal problems using technology. Super Connect for Good gives them a platform to collaborate with one another, as well as develop relationships with potential investors and others who can support them on their mission. 

The 2023 Super Connect for Good competition included applicants from across three continents. There were tech-for-good awards on offer in 10 different innovation categories, as well as for those companies that judges deemed the best in 10 regions. 

A look at the Super Connect for Good 2023 Innovation winners 

The global winner of the 2023 competition was Zero Gravity. Founded in the UK by Joe Seddon, the start-up aims to promote social mobility by helping young people from low-opportunity backgrounds to access higher education and early careers opportunities. Find out more about Zero Gravity and hear from Joe in our blog

AI For Good and Water Challenge: xFarm Technologies 

XFarm Technologies offers digital solutions by farmers, for farmers. With a strong belief in the benefits of sustainable agriculture, their products enable users to track their resources usage and make better decisions. Their efforts saw them rewarded in two Innovation categories. You can watch my colleague Harry Gooding’s interview with their CRO, Matteo Cunial, here

Climate Tech: Koolboks 

Koolboks offers eco-friendly, solar refrigeration products that function as both a refrigerator and a freezer, making it a solution for domestic, commercial, and healthcare use. Founded in Paris, they have offices in Kenya and Nigeria. 

Diversity and Inclusion: AccesserCise 

Founded by world champion athletes and an FT top-ranked European lawyer, AccesserCise is the world’s first complete fitness app specifically designed for the disabled community. Among other features, the app allows users to rate and recommend accessible gyms, as well as create custom workouts tailored to their requirements. 

EdTech: Zero Gravity 

Zero Gravity were also crowned the global winners in the competition. Find out more, including a full interview with founder Joe Seddon, here.


FinTech for Good: Good With 

The Good With app helps users to keep track of their finances and educates them on ways to save and spend money more efficiently. The team’s mission is to alleviate the stress that comes with day-to-day budgeting, giving users confidence to make the right decisions. 

General Tech for Good: AirSeed 

AirSeed’s technology is seeing them make an impact on a global scale. Working on reforestation efforts worldwide, they analyse potential projects to assess viability and investment opportunities before using drones to implement the planting. 

HealthTech: CardMedic 

“Fluent in Healthcare”, CardMedic’s mission is to improve communication between healthcare professionals and their patients. Their platform offers information on over 1,000 medical topics in 40+ languages and its impact is plain to see, with users having accessed it in over 120 countries to date. 

MedTech: Echopoint 

Echopoint aims to revolutionise diagnosis and treatment for cardiovascular conditions, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes while reducing costs. Their innovative technology includes Fibre Optic Sensors and medical devices such as ultra-thin probes with integrated optical ultrasound imaging. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing – Challenge Winner: BIOStress 

With a B2B focus, BIOStress want employers to better understand the stress levels of their employees in real time, with a view to helping those affected to manage their workplace health. The BIOStress team boasts a variety of skills and experience, but are united by being “Passionate about science, data and wellbeing”. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing – Hackathon Winner: Auric 

This was the first year that we opened the Super Connect for Good competition to Australia and New Zealand. Our hackathon to promote better mental health and wellbeing was won by Australia-based Auric. For founder Adam Good, traditional wellness solutions rarely address a person’s unique needs. Powered by AI, their app and essential oil diffuser helps people cope with anxiety, focus, sleep quality. 

Supporting and enabling tech for good 

These tech-for-good start-ups and scales-ups, as well as the many other Super Connect for Good finalists and entrants, are truly committed to innovation as a means to make the world a better place. It’s been amazing to see the incredible work they’re doing and finding out more about their vision for growing their businesses so that they can make a bigger impact. 

Have any of our Innovation Winners piqued your interest? Click the links above to learn more and find out how you can work with them. 

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