How to solve the demand for cyber security skills

Michael Beaupre, Head of Cyber Security Solutions, Hays CEMEA

How do we beat cybercrime? With people. We must engage the boardroom, maximise technology, and leverage human capital to win. The common thread is people. Highly motivated, talented and innovative people. Finding and retaining the right people, with the right skills, focused on the right technology is essential for businesses today. There are an estimated 3.5 million cyber security vacancies worldwide. At Hays, we see the impact of this deficit daily. Ready-made talent is scarce, and technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. New technology brings innovation as well as increased risks and vulnerabilities. More technology in our spaces means more criminals in our spaces. We must fight back, but cyber security professionals struggle to keep their skills up to date.

Yesterday’s paradigms will not bring tomorrow’s results. We must understand where we are today with an eye on tomorrow to effectively chart our path into the future. That’s why it is a great privilege to introduce another Hays Annual Global Cyber Security Report, with insights from over 1,000 CISOs and cyber security leaders worldwide. You can download your copy here.

While over half of respondents reported growing their cyber security team last year, leaders are more concerned about their budgets than 12 months ago – with investment in headcount being the area of most concern. Today’s dynamic geopolitical and economic climate has impacted spending for over 75% of our respondents, and employers must look beyond salary increases to attract cyber talent. Remote and hybrid working opportunities, as well as greater flexibility, are becoming increasingly important.

It is vital that we work together to build a pipeline of cyber security talent with the right skills to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Many of you have recognised and explored non-traditional cyber talent as a solution, i.e. those with neither formal education nor experience in the field. However, we can do even more. Data from our survey suggests that employers worldwide aren’t unlocking the full potential of this untapped talent pool. The root cause: lack of adequate investment in dedicated training and development, and limited flexibility of hiring departments to look beyond typical hiring procedures.

Simultaneously, there is a need to leverage the rapid evolution we’re witnessing in Artificial Intelligence. While our respondents believe AI can support their security capabilities, there is hesitation over its implementation as a tool, or potential co-worker, for the workforce to utilise. Throughout our report, you’ll find comments from experts and cyber security thought leaders at Hays who are working tirelessly on the front lines to help solve these challenges. I’m also honoured to share the insights of cyber security leaders from world-renowned organisations who are dedicated to winning this fight against cybercrime. Their contributions are priceless!

We trust that the results of our survey, as well as the advice from experts both inside and outside of Hays, will benefit you as you diligently fight cybercrime on a daily basis. No one can survive as an island of isolation. We are in this fight together and we are in it to win it.

Download your copy of our Global Cyber Security Report for 2024 here.



Michael Beaupre
Head of Cyber Security Solutions, Hays CEMEA

With an extensive career in cyber security spanning 28 years, Michael had an illustrious career in the US Army before leaving to become CISO for a global organisation. A highly respected consultant based in Germany, he now leads our Cyber Security solutions business for the CEMEA region.